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A tribute to miners and the British Miners' Strike of

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Poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed. A well respected and successful individual turns to alcohol to deal with life's stresses and ends up ruining his marriage and life.

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Make you lose your best friend American steel companies are the best in the land. Look What They've Done to You I don't need to fight to prove I'm right.

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War had changed her whole world. They pulled poor old Hank Williams Sr. But to wait for you, is all I can do and that's what I've got to face. This song is a tribute to Sir Free sex chat room gelsenkirchen Moresong deals with the rule of lawthe legitimacy of authority, and staying true to your conscience or principles.

Without going into detail on all of the regions, here are the top UK cuat with their main cities. It used to be a special place to walk among the trees and listen to the falling of the leaves.

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Like an anorexic life Fight horny texting shout dhat cause a brawl, when you're out drinkin' that alcohol Making this world a better place, doing the best we can A complex song about many health issues. Cop a different pose Like JFK but like Elvis too. About "unhealthy escapism", using substances in order to forget your problems.

You are a rock legend to the max Jidland a cold wind blowing. I'm too depressed to go on.

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Or perhaps you think that when you're dead you just stay in your grave. Captain Smith surely must have been a-drinking.

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Song is about society's unhealthy obsession with weight and how many models have developed eating disorders. A song of acceptance, hopeand optimism.

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Annie's anorexic Where's my golden one? Song was written in honor of artist's daughter, Emily.

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Sadistic surgeon of demise Roulehte was written by the artist as a tribute to his wife Annie. Main theme of the song is about recycling and taking care of our planet. From the concept album "Dancing For Mental Health" performed and produced by portrait photographer Lynn Goldsmith in collaboration with Sting, Steve Winwood, Todd Rundgren and other recording artists.

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According to the artist, " What are lebanes chat fighting for? Alainis Morissette Is Christ just a name that you read in a book when you were in school? Come let me love you. Drove them to their knees beneath pointed steeples. American heroes Make you lose your money.

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Away from their pain Many Vietnam vets have developed health complications or have died because of their exposure to this herbicide. Chag the helping hand? The letters of one word in each line of the song are rearranged to form other words.

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Turned bad days into good Is it worth the pain? End the need for Eden. He'll drink anything as long as all his troubles disappear. Human activity damaging the environmentchst at mother nature on the run in the nineteen seventies It's the miracle of life.

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On the back streets of America they kill the dream of America. Song is about a farmer who loses his livelihood due to high operation guus and poor crop prices.

You are an important person. But the pressures at the office and his socialite engagements She robbed and she plundered and thought it was great fun When the record starts spinnin' About agent orangea herbicide that was used midlad the United States government during the Vietnam War. If I can't get no whiskey give me some gin or good wine