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Black Doom is a character with enough information to qualify for his own article; he does not need to be placed in the Minor villains in Sonic the Hedgehog article. User:Denjo Erazor has more backstory then Black doom and blaci doesn't have his own. Why shouldn't Black Doom be any different?

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So by ing our interracial chat, it gives you the chance to meet people you may never have discovered otherwise. I think he bit the bullet, but right now, his status is unknown. You've got to remember that. We should have a picture of Devil Doom.

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He's gotta be right. Other sites have theory s and they can really help if you want the info to write fanfics as they present some good ideas.

You're basically saying "We know of two alien races in Sonic Team-connected works, one peaceful and one hostile. He's not a father in the sense of how we humans reproduce, hence why I wrote it as "father".

Omg black chat room

If anything the other pictures would be vandalized first. Metal Sonic was clearly evil, but he really only wanted domination, and his plan, while clever, wasn't nearly as insidious as Black Doom's. Not only did it take more power to defeat Metal Overlord, but one might even say the only reason that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles beat Metal Overlord was because of the bond they share which could have amplified the power of the Chaos Emeralds like in Sonic Adventure's battle with Perfect Chaos or that they work surprisingly well as a rolm.

Omg black chat room

I think the problem is it's easy to find that promo art of Black Doom, but not the case for Devil Doom. This is supplemented by the fact we know Gerald studied Echidna culture, hence explaining why he wanted his creation to resemble fhat certain hedgehog.

Chances are, you'll ignore this and not acknowledge anything I said but I figured it would be better to talk to you this way rather than adding to another like I did with the Mortal Kombat species. Our goal is to connect people not only for their location, background or race. And please do not post it here!

Omg black chat room

Vandalism is easily reverted. There is too much information on Black Doom to put on the already long Black Arms article, and since GUN doesn't get a rewrite to take out all the different weapons it uses, I don't like the idea of the Black Arms article having to be shortened.

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Edit Storyline Bravo has worlds collide when some of the network's most opinionated women has come together for "Bravo's Chat Room. But, in my opinion, Black Doom is clearly the nastiest villain from the game continuity.

Omg black chat room

Plus, the Black Arms are predatory, so they'd actually have a good reason to attack the Seedrian planet; I don't see how the Xorda could benefit from pulverizing a bunch brasil chat innocent plants. If you do decide caht read this, then I would be honored, especially if you agreed or commented on what I said. Of course, this particular rumor would be better rooj for Alien Species in Sonic the Hedgehogand it is also there, but nobody's responded to it.

So, sorry, we don't just use talk s for "discussions" here, it's not a forum.

From Dalek Black Doom's power[ edit ] Hi. But then again, it all depends on what one preceives a father to be. All Black Doom did is give him some of his blood. Chao please get your facts straight before you say something dumb. Rom, we are renowned for how multi-cultural our site has become.

Omg black chat room

But this is an encyclopedia. Please stop putting fan fiction or non article-related, or "Who is more stronger? So, do you think Black Doom could be considered an enemy of the Metarex, and the enemy of the Seedrians in general? Does Shadow follow his biological father Black Doom or side with his adoptive father Gerald? blacck

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If so, then welcome to BlackWink. As long as you support an interracial world, you are welcome to a part of our community. No, I haven't mentioned the Metarex bladk, or any of the villains from the Archie comic book seriesor from Sonic the Comic ; I don't have any intention to, because they're simply too numerous. So, the information could be true, just never confirmed.

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The reason that it's the Black Arms is that they're the primary canonical hostile extraterrestrials for the Sonic series; the Xorda from the Archie continuity had a personal vendetta against Earth, so they don't count even though they did constantly threaten the Bem. Goom added one a few weeks ago but it was just slapped in and very washed out so I removed it. Chaos wasn't evil, just really pissed off.

Who cares how similar Black Doom is to Trigon? It's useless fluff like those people who feel the need to add "Some fans think that For example let's say Sega never confirmed that Sonic was a hedgehog, and the games were just called "Sonic".

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Honestly, I don't see how the trolls would be able to resist. Even if it is obvious that Sonic is a hedgehog and everyone thinks so, we can't just say that he is, even if we state it's speculatory.

You were created from MY blood". SuperSonic gave them a some sort of an energetic shield, maybe I'd like to have your opinion on this! Sorry for my bad english. ogm

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Your problem is you seem to have your own personal canon and damned be anyone who introduces conflicting facts into that view. If he didn't study Echidna culture, then why does Shadow look blavk Super Sonic? I'm not a registered user too, but in the battle with Metal Overlord, Tails and Knuckles wasn't in their super forms I guess you'll just have to wait and see what others think.