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They seemed pissed off at the band.

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So the next time a farmer has a festy We did what we could while we were there. Arrive, meet the neighbours "when did you guys arrive, yesterday? S Perry Treworgey has always been the craziest festival that has ever been, and my experiences were no different.

Sex chat new liskeard an zee

I drove down from Cardiff to meet friends in Plymouth and others from Bristol and we went down to Liskeard in convoy. He was found by his best mate, the matey who he was traveling with at the time, Kenny. I'm still not sure if we ever got the tent up properly.

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I know I had a blinder of a time caht couldnt tell what bands, if any, that I saw or even if we paid free chicago chat line get in. One incident I remember very clearly is standing at the entrance to a field watching a car trying to get out past a parked Se camper. The crowd grew to about 6 by the end but that didn't seem to bother The Levellers!

Times changed too much, too much restriction, rules and lack of trust towards festival goers. Posted by Juliet Voyage the marina? Other than that I don't remember much.

Sex chat new liskeard an zee

The lead singer took aff his Rasta hat and shook his enormous locks at one point. G which incidentally, bore see chocolate "Hobnob" as a tax disc!

Sex chat new liskeard an zee

The damage done to these events by the scum who believe they have the right to free entry everywhere they go has had a devistating effect on the festival scene. We were told to wait on the road outside till they, the police, knew what was going on.

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So Treworgey was where it all started for me, the coolest festival ever, even if I did go home with dysentry as a souvenir! Hmm, yes it was about right, the programme was like a new kind of am. I went to Treworgey with four friends on motorbikes, I had only just bought my Z and it was my 1st big bike so it was quite an adventure playing with the Friday afternoon trafic on the M5 at mph.

Whether this is true or not I don't know or can't remember. I would be interrested in hearing any comments.

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Having said that, a good time was had and the vibe stayed just the right side of madness. As one of our crew was very disabled, we managed to get the key.

Sex chat new liskeard an zee

As for the bogs, nobody used 'em. Anyone who doesn't get that fact into their head probably has rocks residing within instead of the good old grey matter. By the way, I often bump into Traveller Dave ; he squats often nearby in the south of France; he's still in his Albion!

Sex chat new liskeard an zee

Lost everyone on the first see for a few hours —not my best move. Friends had a blind dog, which got lost and was found by a tent with people who had bottled water.

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We were only emergency crew after all. I can't remember much else of the music, but what a festy! I love this place. They thought the dog had been given acid as it was bumbling along, banging into things and re-directing itself. Phil Hello Hippies I've just found your site and have to say a big "Thank You" for bringing some unreliable memories back to me.

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Sam Carpenter hi we arrived there a few days before and got a job helping set stuff up - which meant free entry - we liskeaard have much cash but didnt need any as we had a real stroke of luck. Weirdly, and this is a of how badly people were out of it. He was Bulgarian and he was the leader of one of the main underground dissident political groups that led to the break up of the Soviet Union, and he had taken liskeadr holiday in Britain just as the revolution was in full swing.

Everything seemed to have a sort of duel meaning, and no one seemed in the slightest way normal.

I didn't realise until 5 years later that i was walking into history in the making. Annony Mouse My friends and I went to Treworgy, in small camper vans, with tickets, and had a great time.

Sex chat new liskeard an zee

That place blew me away, i was in heaven. I remember a lot of suspicious looks whenever I pulled the camera out, but it was my first festival and it was important to get some photos.


And to be invited on to a farmers land and then tell him they will stay as long as they please is a disgrace. Giants and dwarves with huge eyes and mad grins swarming everything kinda "swarmed " with the white lightning everywhere through the dustclouds,ozric-wind-mites-shock-on acid, live on stage apperently I saw many bands,on both?

A guy who threatened to set my brother's tent on fire if he didn't move his car. While trying to get cosy with a lovely little lady from Bristol, fortified by harmony chat and strong acid, we were sitting on a hill near a gyroscope where spaced-out people were strapped in and put through degrees at high speed.

I don't know why the security firm were brought in. The travellers I knew were friendly if a bit nutty but there were some real psychos here and I had not encountered the like. Once the chaos had quietened down into gentle anarchy the vibe of the remaining fest was friendly enough.

Sex chat new liskeard an zee

My outstanding memory is of trying to get to sleep in the back of a cramped transit. I'm not sure how things would have been if it had rained though! Some bright sparks decided to undo erotic rooms connectors near them to save queuing at the standpipes.

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Was fun hanging on, felt really free. Saw free cheyenne wyoming il swingers chat few bands - Bykers used to have a bootleg on tape of that — unsure where it is nowFrantic Flinstones, Demented are go, Luna Chicks, Hawkwind thought they were still tuning up, then realised that they were half way through their setMisty in Roots, Chaos UK blew up the PA — but it was really dark at night, no lighting apart from stages.

Nightingale Treworgy was wicked: remember seeing CultureShock play in the "proper" festi,then later ,bless em they played on the "free"stage which by this point had a huge dust bowl thing going on. Then I had to find a phone and ring my mum to let her know where I was and when I was coming back and not to worry, I was with my friends and everything was cool.

Sex chat new liskeard an zee

We got there on the thursday or friday night i forget which and ed a massive jam of cars trying to get in. We were ushered into the main stage field and we got to work helping out.